Pelvic Floor Exercises

As people grow old, pelvic floor exercises are recommended to strengthen their pelvic muscles. Women especially lose their pelvic muscle strength after pregnancy and child birth. Some might use these pelvic floor exercises to lose weight. These exercises must be done carefully otherwise they may cause muscular injury. These exercises may be done by both men and women to strengthen their pelvic area muscles.

pelvic floor exercises

Pelvic floor exercises are also called kegel exercises, named after Dr. Arnold Kegel.  Weak pelvic muscles often cause urinary incontinence and other bladder related problems. These exercises are recommended for people suffering from such ailments. Though they are not difficult to attempt, they must be practiced under supervision. They can be done anywhere and at any time of the day. However, body should not be strained over long exercising sessions. Initially, these exercises can be done for 5 to 7 minutes and can be extended after some time.

Many physicians recommend pelvic floor exercises to people with weak pelvic floor muscles. These exercises involve contraction and expansion of the muscles in the pelvic region. At the time of performing these exercises, make yourself comfortable and then control your muscles. Contractions can be felt even in your thighs and buttocks. Some doctors recommend these exercises to pregnant women to strengthen their abdominal muscles and decrease the chance of incontinence during older age. The muscular stress caused during child birth can also be controlled effectively with these exercises. They also improve and help several other body functions like digestion and excretion.

Stomach muscles can also be exercised through these exercises. Regular exercising would result in developing a flat and well toned stomach.  Weak muscles of lower abdominal area can also be treated with these exercises.

There are no known side effects of pelvic floor exercises. They can be safely performed by people of all age groups. Regular exercising can help in better blood circulation to the pelvis region and also to other parts of the body. These exercises help both men and women to have a healthy sex life. They are also known to help men in preventing premature ejaculation. In women, the pelvic floor exercises have shown to reduce menstrual pain and other menstrual disturbances.

Women can start these exercises earlier in their life to avoid later complications. Men can also start these exercises to tone their body and also to avoid the enlargement of prostate gland and related complications. These exercises are recommended to patients of BPH to improve distention of their prostate gland. Pelvic floor exercises have to be done on daily basis to get optimal benefits. They can be started at younger age to prevent pre-mature sagging of muscles and other associated problems.

Initially, practicing of Pelvic floor exercises may require effort as well as attention. Possibly, the body would get tired soon after starting Pelvic floor exercises. However, with regular practice, the body will get accustomed to these and would start responding fast.

These exercises are indeed very helpful and beneficial in maintaining control over pelvic muscles and for keeping them in good health.